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New Carpet Stok number :1001
Kullanılabilirlik: Stokta var
SKU: 1001

Üretim Tarihi : 2010-2019

Tasarım : Soyut

Malzeme : Yün

Uzunluk : 9,31 feet

Genişlik : 6,69 feet


Information about Herike TU carpet from Turkey.

These carpets are knotted in the city of Hereke in Turkey. They are made exclusively of silk and are considered to be some of the finest carpets.

is one of the most expensive examples of Turkish carpets. The factors that provide value are silk or silk wool touches, the number of knots per square centimeter, and the necessity of great manual labor, eye and patience with the presence of too many *. In general, pearls are treated like fine wood, twig, and other motifs.


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From Turkey


 some of the finest carpets.