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Adana Kilim

Semi Antique Kilim Handwoven stok number :2021
SKU: 2021

Üretim Tarihi : 1930-1940

Tasarım : Soyut

Malzeme : Yün

Uzunluk : 13,74 feet

Genişlik : 6,49 feet


Information about Kilim Turkish carpet from Turkey.

These kilms are woven in and around the city of Adana, which is located in southern Turkey. The area has a long carpet tradition and manufacturing has been going on here since the 15th century. A special weaving technique is used which allows thinner carpets to be produced with the same motif on both sides. Adana carpets usually have lively, often geometric designs as the weaving technique implies certain limitations. They are produced from good quality wool and work great as wall hangings, bedspreads or blankets and help give an Oriental feel to your home.


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From Turkey